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World Championship Awards

2022 World Championships, Belfast, Ireland

Brianne Slawik - U21 - 21st - Final Day recall

Avery Kavanaugh
Meaghan Wilkie
Claire Maher
Elizabeth Evon
Zoe Basinski
Claire Heynsbroek
Quinn Fram
Liam Clingan

2020 World Championship*

Brianne Slawik

Connor Labo

Zoe Basinski

Clare Maher

Claire Heynsbroek

2019 World Championships, Greensboro, North Carolina

Zach Bernier - 8th 
Brianne Slawik - First Round Recall
Connor LaBo
Meaghan Wilkie 
Gracie Stephens 

2018 World Championships, Glasgow

Janet Dotson - 46th

Morgan Fontaine - 26th

Connor LaBo - 24th

Brianne Slawick

Meaghan Wilkie

Senior Mixed Ceili - 9th


2017 World Championships, Dublin

Zoe Basinski 

Joely Bernier 

Zach Bernier - 19th

Janet Dotson 

Morgan Fontaine 

Connor LaBo - 23rd

Felicia Rice 


2016 World Championships, Glasgow

Zach Bernier -7th WMH

Joely Bernier

Breanna Behring

Claire Chernowsky 

Brianna Delaey 

Janet Dotson 

Morgan Fontaine 

Brianne Slawik 

2015 World Championships, Montreal

Breanna Behring - 14th WMH

Morgan Fontaine - 22nd

Joely Bernier - 30th 

Zach Bernier 

David Branton 

Brianna Delaey 

Janet Dotson 

Benjamin Fraser 

Tim Gatto 

Brianne Slawik 

Junior Mixed Ceili Team 13-16 - 4th WMH

Girls Ceili Team U 16- 19th

Senior Mixed Ceili Team 16+ - 7th


2014 World Championships, London

Joely Bernier- 9th WMH 

Zach Bernier- 13th

Benjamin Fraser- 23rd 

Breanna Behring- 24th

David Branton

Claire Chernowsky 

Colleen Chernowsky 

Brianna Delaey

Janet Dotson

Laura Fontaine

Morgan Fontaine

Breagh McNeil

Brianne Slawik


2013 World Championships, Boston

Zach Bernier 10th WMH 

Cain Dotson- 19th

Benjamin Fraser 22nd  

David Branton 23rd   

Morgan Fontaine 23rd  

Joely Bernier - 36th  

Breanna Behring- 46th

Claire Chernowsky 

Colleen Chernowsky 

Janet Dotson 

Nicolette Fraser 

Breagh MacNeil

Mary Sheffick 


2012 World Championships, Belfast

Claire Chernowsky - 30th

Colleen Chernowsky 

Breanna Behring 

Benjamin Fraser 

David Branton


2011 World Championships, Dublin

David Branton - 14th  

Claire Chernowsky - 42nd

Colleen Chernowsky 

Benjamin Fraser 

Breagh MacNeil 

Deirdre Brode 


2010 World Championships, Glasgow 

Benjamin Fraser - 20th  

Claire Chernowsky 

Andrea Davidson


2009 World Championships, Philadelphia 

David Branton 

Patrick Moririty 

Benjamin Fraser 

Breanna Behring 

Claire Chernowsky 

Olivia Nazarewich 

Barbara Sadai 

Andrea Davidson

Mid America Awards


Caitlin LaBo, Ladies Over 22 - 13th  NQ 
Clare Maher, Girls U15 -6th WQ, NQ
Sarah Galle, Girls U15 - 38th


MID AMERICA 2020 (Non-Qualifying Event due to COVID)

Caitlin Labo, Senior Ladies - 6th

Connor Labo, U18 - 1st CHAMPION **First MAO Champion for GC!!

Clare Maher, U14 - 3rd


Caitlin LaBo, Ladies U22 - 7th  NQ 
Connor LaBo, Men U17 - 3rd  WQ, NQ
Clare Maher, Girls U13 -9th WQ, NQ
Sarah Galle, Girls U13 - 49th


Caitlin LaBo, Ladies U22 - 13th NQ

Connor LaBo, Boys U16- 3rd NQ, WQ

Aidan Johnson-Hill, Boys U16 - 13th NQ

Brady Johnson-Hill, Boys U16- 16th

Clare Maher, Girls U12 - 30th, NQ


Caitlin LaBo, Ladies U20 - 8th NQ

Janet Dotson, Girls U17 - 7th NQ, WQ

Ellen Chernowsky, Girls U17 - 33rd NQ

Olivia Leonardo, Girls U13 - 61st 

Connor LaBo, Boys U15 - 3rd NQ, WQ

Aidan Johnson-Hill, Boys U15 - 13th NQ

Brady Johnson-Hill, Boys U15 - 17th


Connor LaBo, Boys U14 – 5th WQ, NQ

Olivia Leonardo, Girls U12 – 56th

Janet Dotson, Girls U16 – 26th NQ

Caitlin LaBo, Ladies U19 – 12th NQ



Janet Dotson, Girls U15 – 15th WQ, NQ



Timothy Gatto, Boys U14 – 6th WQ, NQ

Briege Flood, Girls U13 – 20th NQ

Janet Dotson, Girls U14 – 7th WQ, NQ

Mary Sheffleck, Girls U17 – 20th NQ



Briege Flood, Girls U12 – 19th NQ

Janet Dotson, Girls U13 – 3rd WQ, NQ                  

Ellen Chernowsky, Girls U13 – 65th

Mary Sheffieck, Girls U16 – 17th NQ

Colleen Chernowsky, Ladies U17- 6th WQ, NQ

Claire Chernowsky, Ladies U19 – 3rd, WQ, NQ



Cian Dotson, Boys U11 – 4th WQ, NQ

Janet Dotson, Girls U12 – 4th WQ, NQ

Mary Sheffieck, Girls U15 – 14th WQ, NQ

Colleen Chernowsky, Girls U16 – 9th WQ, NQ

Claire Chernowsky, Girls U18 – 5th WQ, NQ

All Ireland Awards


Zach Bernier - 6th 
Caitlin LaBo - 34th 


Connor LaBo, Boys U16 - 8th

NQ = National Qualifier

WQ = World Qualifier

(WQ) = World Qualifier recognized from another event

*Event Cancelled Due to COVID-19

North American Awards

NANS 2022

Caitlin LaBo - 20th - Ladies 22&O - WQ 
Connor LaBo - 3rd - U20 - WQ 
Zoe Basinski - 20th - Girls U16 B - WQ 
Elizabeth Evon - 18th - Girls U16 B - WQ 
Olivia Stephens - 50th - Girls U14A 
Evelyn Wu - 35th - Girls U11B 

NANS 2020 *

NANS 2019

Caitlin LaBo, Ladies U22 - 28th 
Zach Bernier, Men U20 - 5th WQ
Brianne Slawik, Ladies U18 - 36th 
Connor LaBo, Boys U17 - 10th 
Aidan Johnson-Hill, Boys U17 - 14th
Meaghan Wilkie, Girls U17 - 32nd 
Mya Mulder, Girls U14 - 60th 
Zoe Basinski, Girls U13 - 38th 
Clare Maher, Girls U13 - 40th

NANS 2018

Goggin-Carroll did not participate due to judging conflict


NANS 2017

Mixed Ceili Over 16 - 5th

Connor Labo, Boys U15 - 13th, WQ

Zoe Basinski, Girls U11 - 29th

Joely Bernier, Girls U16 - 40th

Brianne Slawik, Girls U16 - 41st

Meaghan Wilkie, Girls U15 - 57th


NANS 2016

Connor Labo, Boys U14 – 11th

Morgan Fontaine, Boys U14 - 12th

Zachary Bernier, Boys U17 – 6th WQ

Zoe Basinski, Girls U10 – 25th               

Joely Bernier, Girls U15 – 8th WQ          

Brianne Slawik, Girls U15 – 38th

Janet Dotson, Girls U16 – 19th WQ

Holly Hicks, Girls U18 – 49th


NANS 2015

U16 Mixed Ceili - 1st CHAMPION

Morgan Fontaine, Boys U13 – 6th WQ

Timothy Gatto, Boys U15 – 16th

Zachary Bernier, Boys U16 – 7th WQ

Zoe Basinski, Girls U9 – 11th

Joely Bernier, Girls U14 – 5th WQ

Brianne Slawik, Girls U14 – 30th

Emma Staddler, Girls U15 – 35th

Janet Dotson, Girls U15 – 34th

Jenna Gibbon, Girls U18 – 55th

Breanna Behring, Ladies U19 – 10th WQ

Claire Chernowsky, Ladies 20+, 18th WQ


NANS 2014

Morgan Fontaine, Boys U12 – 8th WQ

Joely Bernier, Girls U13 – 1st CHAMPION WQ

Brianne Slawik, Girls U13 – 23rd

Janet Dotson, Girls U14 – 19th WQ

Brianna Delaey, Girls U17 – 37th

Mary Sheffieck, Girls U17 – 39th

Breanna Behring, Girls U18 – 7th WQ

Zoe Basinski, Girls U8 - 35th


NANS 2013

Goggin-Carroll could not compete

Ryan Carroll Adjudicator


NANS 2012

Cian Dotson, Boys U11 – 14th

Zachary Bernier, Boys U13 – 3rd WQ

Joely Bernier, Girls U11 – 3rd WQ

Emma Staddler, Girls U11 – 36th

Laura Fontaine, Girls U14 – 25th

Holly Hicks, Girls U14 – 51st

Breanna Behring, Girls U16 – 10th WQ

Colleen Chernowsky, Girls U16 – 26th

Breagh MacNeil, Girls U17 – 11th WQ

Ashley Paling, Girls U17 – 50th

Claire Chernowsky, Ladies U18 – 14th WQ

Nicolette Fraser, Ladies U19 – 12th WQ

Eastern Canada Awards

Eastern Canada 2022 

Ladies Ceili O18 - 3rd

4 Hand U15 - 2nd

4 Hand U12 - 4th

4 Hand U10 - 3rd 

Avery Kavanaugh, Ladies U22 - 9th, NQ

Meaghan Wilkie, Ladies U20 - 3rd, WQ, NQ

Mya Mulder, Girls U17 - 10th, NQ

Zoe Basinski, Girls U16 - 5th, WQ, NQ
Elizabeth Evon, Girls U16 - 6th, WQ, NQ

Tessa Bublick, Girls U15 - 8th, WQ, NQ

Claire Ray Heynsbroek, Girls U14 - 9th, NQ
Alexa Ryan, Girls U14 - 16th, NQ

Quinn Fram, Boys U13 - 2nd, WQ, NQ

Liam Clingan, Boys U12 - 1st, WQ, NQ (Perfect score) 

Fiona Jamieson, Girls U11 - 7th, NQ
Ella Undey, Girls U11 - 9th, NQ

Evelyn Wu, Girls U10 - 6th, WQ, NQ
Gemma McGlynn, Girls U10 - 13th, NQ

Winnifred Topolie, Girls U9 - 8th, NQ
Nicola Duignam, Girls U9 - 9th, NQ

Allegra Chan, Girls Premier U10 - 14th


Eastern Canada 2021

Avery Kavanaugh, Ladies U22 - 10th NQ, (WQ)

Brianne Slawik, Ladies U20 - 2nd WQ, NQ

Meaghan Wilkie, Ladies U19 - 2nd WQ, NQ

Elizabeth Evon, Girls U15 - 3rd WQ, NQ

Tessa Bublick, Girls U14 - 15th NQ

Claire Ray Heynsbroek, Girls U13 - 12th NQ, (WQ)
Olivia Stephens, Girls U13 - 13th NQ

Quinn Fram, Boys U12 - 3rd WQ, NQ

Liam Clingan, Boys U11 - 2nd WQ, NQ

Fiona Jamieson, Girls U10 - 9th NQ
Ella Undey, Girls U10 - 12th NQ

Evelyn Wu, Girls U9 - 10th NQ
Gemma McGlynn, Girls U9 - 15th NQ
Sadie Wood, Girls U9 - 16th NQ

Nicola Duignam, Girls U8 - 7th

Winnifred Topolie, Girls Premier U8 - 1st

Eastern Canada 2020*

Eastern Canada 2019

8 Hand Over 16 - 1st 
8 Hand U15 - 2nd 
Avery Kavanaugh, Ladies U19 - 7th NQ
Brianne Slawik, Ladies U18 - 3rd WQ, NQ
Meaghan Wilkie, Girls U17 - 9th NQ
Zoe Basinski, Girls U13 - 4th WQ, NQ
Elizabeth Evon, Girls U13 - 13th NQ
Tessa Bublick, Girls U12 - 21st NQ
Claire Heynsbroek, Girls U11 - 5th WQ, NQ
Gracie Stephens, Girls U11 - 9th NQ

Eastern Canada 2018

Ceili 15&O - 1st CHAMPION

Ceili U12 - 3rd

4-Hand 15&O - 6th and 11th

4-Hand U12 - 3rd and 10th

4-Hand U10 - 6th

Zach Bernier, Men U19 - 2nd, WQ, NQ

Avery Kavanaugh, Ladies U18 - 7th NQ

Brianne Slawik, Ladies U17 - 4th, WQ, NQ

Morgan Fontaine, Boys U16 - 1st CHAMPION, WQ, NQ

Megan Kavanaugh, Girls U16 - 22nd, NQ

Meaghan Wilkie, Girls U16 - 7th, WQ, NQ

Mya Mulder - Girls U13, 22nd, NQ

Zoe Baskinski, Girls U12 - 13th, NQ

Elizabeth Evon, Girls U12 - 16th, NQ

Karah Doetzel, Girls U11 - 20th, NQ

Gracie Stephens, Girls U10 - 5th, WQ, NQ

Eastern Canada 2017

Ceili U10 - 1st CHAMPION

Ceili U12 - 4th

Ceili 15&O - 1st CHAMPION with perfect score!

Avery Kavanaugh, Girls U17 - 12th NQ

Brianne Slawik, Girls U16 - 4th NQ, WQ

Meaghan Wilkie, Girls U15 - 9th NQ, WQ

Sofia Wood, Girls U14 - 16th NQ

Zoe Basinski, Girls U11 - 8th NQ

Felicia Rice, Girls U11 - 9th NQ

Karah Dotezel, Girls U10 - 13th NQ

Gracie Stephens, Girls U9 - 11th NQ

Morgan Fontaine, Boys U15 - 1st CHAMPION, WQ, NQ

Eastern Canada 2016

U10 Ceili - 1st CHAMPION

Under 15 Ceili - 2nd

Over 15 Ceili - 1st CHAMPION

Karah Doetzel, Girls U9 – 12th NQ

Zoe Basinksi, Girls U10 – 6th WQ NQ

Felicia Rice, Girls U10 – 7th WQ, NQ

Morgan Fontaine, Boys U14 - 1st CHAMPION WQ, NQ

Sara McCaughley, Girls U14 – 14th NQ

Meaghan Wilkie, Girls U14 – 19th NQ

Joely Bernier, Girls U15 – 4th WQ, NQ

Brianne Slawik, Girls U15 – 10th NQ

Avery Kavanaugh, Girls U16 – 14th NQ

Eastern Canada 2015

Karah Doetzel, Girls U8 – 11th NQ

Kloey Ouelette, Girls U8 – 15th NQ

Zoe Basinski, Girls U9 – 3rd NQ

Felicia Rice, Girls U9 – 9th NQ

Sara McCaughley, Girls U13 – 22nd NQ

Mongan Fontaine, Boys U13 – 3rd WQ, NQ

Joely Bernier, Girls U14 – 2nd WQ

Brianne Slawik,Girls U14 – 7th WQ

Emma Stadler, Girls U14 – 11th WQ

Claudia Cox, Girls U15 – 9th NQ

Zack Bernier, Boys U16 – 2nd WQ, NQ

Holly Hicks, Girls U17 – 11th NQ

Brianna Delaey, Ladies U18 – 14th NQ    

Breanna Behring, Ladies U19 – 3rd WQ, NQ

Eastern Canada 2014

Zoe Baskinski, Girls U8 -  3rd NQ

Mya Mulder, Girls U9 - 14th NQ

Sofia Wood, Girls U10 - 13th NQ

Morgan Fontaine, Boys U12 – 3rd WQ, NQ

Joely Bernier, Girls U13 – 1st CHAMPION WQ, NQ

Brianne Slawik, Girls U13 – 6th WQ, NQ

Emma Stadler, Girls U13 – 13th NQ

Claudia Cox, Girls U14 – 10th NQ

Mackenzie Mitchell, Girls U15 – 22nd NQ

Zack Bernier, Boys U15 – 1st CHAMPION WQ, NQ

Laura Fontaine, Girls U16 – 20th NQ

Brianna Delaey, Girls U17 – 7th WQ, NQ

Jenna Gibbon, Girls U17 – 17th NQ

Breanna Behring, Ladies U18 – 2nd WQ, NQ

Ben Fraser, Men 20+ - 4th WQ, NQ

David Branton, Men 20+ - 6th WQ, NQ

Eastern Canada 2013

Morgan Fontaine, Boys U11 – 2nd WQ, NQ

Joely Bernier, Girls U12 – 1st CHAMPION WQ, NQ

Brianne Slawik, Girls U12 – 8th WQ, NQ

Emma Stadler, Girls U12 – 14th NQ

Zachary Bernier, Boys U14 – 1st CHAMPION WQ, NQ

McCauley Fryer, Boys U14 – 3rd WQ, NQ

Mackenzie Mitchell, Girls U14 – 23rd NQ

Laura Fontaine, Girls U15 – 12th WQ, NQ

Holly Hicks, Girls U15 – 22nd NQ

Brianna Delaey, Girls U16 – 9th WQ, NQ

Jenna Gibbon, Girls U16 – 19th NQ

Breanna Behring, Girls U17 – 4th WQm NQ

Breagh MacNeil, Ladies U18 – 7th WQ, NQ

Sydney Fryer, Ladies U18 – 10th NQ

Riley MacNeil, Ladies U18 – 11th NQ

Deirdre Brode, Ladies 20+ - 18th NQ

David Branton, Men 20+ - 1st CHAMPION WQ, NQ

Benjamin Fraser, Men 20+ - 2nd WQ, NQ

Eastern Canada 2012

Morgan Fontaine, Boys U10 – 2nd WQ, NQ

Joely Bernier, Girls U11 – 1st CHAMPION WQ, NQ

Emma Stadler, Girls U11 – 12th NQ

Brianne Slawik, Girls U11 – 13th NQ

Hannah Hicks, Girls U12 – 26th NQ

Zachary Bernier, Boys U13 – 1st CHAMPION WQ, NQ

Macaulay Fryer, Boys U13 – 2nd WQ, NQ

Laura Fontaine, Girls U14 – 11th NQ

Holly Hicks, Girls U14 – 13th NQ

Lindsay Paling, Girls U15 – 27th NQ

Breanna Behring, Girls U16 – 13th NQ

Breagh MacNeil, Girls U17 – 8th WQ

Riley MacNeil, Girls U17 – 11th NQ

Benjamin Fraser, Men 18-20 – 3rd WQ, NQ

David Branton, Men 18-20 – 4th WQ, NQ

Nicolette Fraser, Ladies U19 – 4th WQ, NQ

Deirdre Brode, Ladies 20+ - 17th NQ

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